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26 days until the Penthouse!

Massive wave to all my fellow quitters! Best thing I ever did was quit and probably the hardest. Well here I am....almost at the penthouse now and proud to be the small percentage that makes it to the year through sheer stubbornness and a strong will! It's been the most challenging at times but one way or another if you really want this then nothing can get in your way! I gave up whilst grieving from the death of my brother and I always said I was doing this for him as he always wanted me to quit! My younger brother ended up in intensive care at the start of my quit and my husband had a brain tumour a few months back....not a sob story but I don't believe there's ANY excuse to go back to smoking. Wishing everyone else the best of luck but actually it's not really luck because each and every one of you is capable of doing this! X

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Well done to you, really positive determined story. Hope your planning a penthouse treat x


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