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Day 12 and positivity seems to have gone out the window

Without wanting to sound complacent I've been thinking things have been going well but it's day 12 and my positivity seems to have gone out the window.

I have no idea why today is so difficult but I'm fighting a battle to stop myself giving in, hence my rant on here - sorry. This has been my worse day so far!

My mood matches the weather, it's been pouring since I got up. I'm so bad tempered and angry with myself and all because I need a stupid nicotine fix.

Hanging on by my fingernails and feeling sorry for myself - it's pathetic I know. Going out in the car to collect some dry cleaning and hoping my willpower will stop me from buying cigarettes.

Sorry for sharing this doom and gloom with you all and hoping everyone's having a better day than I've had so far.

I'm still telling myself that failure isn't an option though:mad:......................................

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I have a plan for btwn day 10 and 20 I'm going to watch loads of those really sad life stories of people that died of lung cancer.... Might put me off...and at least I will have a reason to be sad rather than being sad because I'm a non smoker 😍 hang in there buddy, I'll meet you there soon enough


Linda, brace your self some of my worst 'crave' days came way later than day 12, even into the second and third month. I don't know why we get them but we just have to be ready for them so we can stay strong when they hit and that's not easy but, each one gets a teeny tiny bit easier to resist and the time between them gets a teeny tiny bit longer so when feel weak try to remember that. I feel your pain believe me. Good luck staying the course.


Well things have settled down now and I'm back to normal again but wishing I'd handled today a bit better instead of whingeing and wailing over a few cravings. I must keep reminding myself that I WANT TO STOP SMOKING if the going gets tough.

I'm the one who's decided I want to quit (and not before time either) so I can't allow myself to be miserable about it and I won't give in this time. Let's hope I can remember this next time I'm feeling sorry for myself:o.

Mmaya you're absolutely right, there are so many sad stories associated with smoking but quitting definitely shouldn't be one of them.

Looking forward to you joining me soon - Keep smiling:).


Great, I planned for the 15th but I probably stop before that because I haven't really smoked any today. I'm too sick to smoke thanks to the lovely champix lol


Glad the "lovely Champix" is helping Mmaya...It is tuff but really worked for me.... Stay strong !!


Thanks Canwes. I feel bad for being such a wimp today and I know I can't allow myself to give in to these feelings (even if sometimes it's easier said than done).

I keep telling myself that I've let smoking rule my life for too long so I have to look at quitting as the positive step that it is instead of a negative. I don't want to keep analysing it or making it any harder than it needs to be. I just have to say 'No More'.

It's only been 12 days and yet here I am sounding as if I'm in need of a good psychiatrist lol.


Linda.....Don't think it is bad if you feel the need for a good psychiatrist....I think it is totally normal because so many people said it and I believe it That quitting smoking is the hardest thing they have ever done...Well it was for me !! The nicotine is out of your system after 72 hours and then all that is left is a mountain of emotions and feelings....Stay strong and we are behind you and wish I could take some of your pain !!


Yes agree with Karri, keep going and keep us posted? You're doing so well getting through the toughest bit day at a time x


Remember you are not depriving yourself - you have made the decision to quit because you don't want to smoke, not because you feel you ought to. Good luck - and keep your resolve.


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