No Smoking Day
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29 weeks!

29 weeks today. £1527 saved minus price of chocolate, cake and nuts! Can't do jeans up but actually think I look better with a bit more meat on me (or am I just kidding myself).

Looking back to Day 1, I could never envisage going 1 hour without a cig, let alone 1 week, then 1 month, then 6 months.

So, no, it hasn't been easy - nobody finds it easy - but, yes, it can be done.

I've been able to give to favourite charities and save some towards routine car and pet expenses, as well as treat myself.

Does it feel good - YES.

So, Stick With It is the motto!

For anyone who has managed to go even1 day - what an achievement, you should feel proud!

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Aaaaaaaaahh Chickweed what a wonderful success !!!!

Thank you for your guidance and positive posts when things got bad for us "Greenies"

Just showing once again it can be done with correct attitude and willpower !

Thank you once again and a very big Congratulations !


Great job Chick, congratulations.


That's really awesome Chickweed – very proud of you!!!


Hi Chickweed

It is a great achievement. Amazing. Sharing that is was not easy is great because when I first quit I wanted to know what I was in for but that it would get better. X


good job :)


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