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So here I still am, 5 weeks into my 2nd quit this year, still on patches but not craving at all, aiming to go without by the time I go to Florida in 4 weeks, although going with in-laws so that might prove a bit tricky!!! Not posting as much on here, as find If I'm really having a moment coming on and reading about smoking makes it worse, so turned into a Twitter junkie l ok, hope everyone's well x

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Just keep doing what your doing and you'll realize your goal - Congratulations on your 5 weeks and have a great time in Florida!!


Jess...What ever it takes to stay smoke free.....

Well done on the 5 weeks....stay strong !!


Hello Jess

Really pleased to read this. Great going. Florida will be great as a non smoker. I just went on holiday smoke free and despite my fears I loved it xxxx


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