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first day done :)

Hi this is probably my 5th quit, longest one was for 10 months and I did cold turkey. I have tried with all the aids and always fail quite quickly so doing it cold turkey again, today has been okay just feel like sitting on the sofa doing nothing, been a little bit irritable but am the most determined I have been. I wish I could fast forward time because I know what the next few weeks/months are like :(

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Congratulations, All pally! ! Well done! Day one is damn hard and if you want to sit on the sofa and do nothing then that's what you should do!! :)


The next few day/weeks/months are what you need to store in your memory to remind yourself that you never have to go through that period again. It's a great motivator or will be in a few days.


Hi Aly - Day one is absolutely tough, so well done for getting through it!!

It certainly would be great if we could fast forward through the first few weeks:) but since neither one of us have that power:( its best to just take each day – one at a time, hour by hour if you need too, just make sure to pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself as you go.

Like Hattie said, if sitting on the sofa - doing nothing works for you, then do it!! Maybe hold a sign up that says

'Irritable today– talk to me at your own risk' – whatever it takes!! Its just important to make time for yourself right now, be a little selfish and keep your determination strong - then you'll get through the first couple of days and things will get better.


Alypally..... Thanks for not quitting to quit and the next best thing you did is to join this forum.

Day one to three is tough and you want to lick a chain smoker just to get a taste of that nicotine and then just before total "zombification'' the cravings is less.

Yes... That fast forward button I wished for a few times but thinking back it was so nice to rediscover the sweet smoke free life and it is just fair to drink it in day by day in small portions of minutes at a time......!!!

Enjoy the journey and you have tasted the freedom, so go for it full force !!!!


Hercu - really!!! lick a chain smoker - that's soooo funny!!!


Hercu's a legend ... he tells you to lick that chain smoker ... you lick that chain smoker


hiya, thanks for the support not quite having the same kind of day today :( but will post in day 2 about that....hehe yes I actually am close to "licking a chain smoker"


Aly.....I feel with you and all I can say is stay strong......Do what ever it takes but do not light up.

(Just make sure that chain smoker is your size and do not punch you on the nose .....) lol


cant imagine going totally cold turkey ... using gum ... got another 2 months of my cessation program to do (12 weeks) but keep going good job :)


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