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hair growth since quitting

hello all i have been quit now for a little over 3 and a half years after i started smoking when i was 13 (30 years ago) and have recently noticed quite a bit of sudden extra hair growth on my face (im a male lol) and my chest also my eyebrows just wondering if anyone else has noticed anything similar


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Hey Gra,

Interesting question! I developed hair on ears since I quit. It's blondish, but I still have to trim it. Not sure it happened because I quit or because I started going to a gym regularly (improved testosterone production). On the other hand, I've been losing more hair on my head since I quit smoking. That kinda sucks.


gra and kacmins.........Thank you for sharing your smoke free life experience with us on the forum. :cool:

We are at this stage just concern to get passed the 3 months mark and do not recognize any other major changes.

I am so chuffed with this smoke free life after 38 years of addiction and really don't mind if I grew hair like a gorilla or go completely bold.(lol)

Thank you once again for sharing..... !


Kacmins, your ears are part of your head so technically your still gaining hair on your head it's just in different areas. :)


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