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No Smoking Day
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new serious quit!

Hello Guys and Dolls. I originally quit back in November 2013 and actually made it without one cigarette until April'ish time 2015! didnt take long of being back smoking the dirt sticks before i realized how sh!te i look and feel! the worst WORST part of being a smoker for me is not being able to sit through an hour meeting at work without the last half an hour of that meeting feel agitated and wishing it would end so i could go and smoke. Its so stupid....i really cant see a single benefit to smoking any more, the only benefit is to avoid withdrawal. so ill smoke for 50 years to avoid what will take 3 weeks then ill be normal again? STUPID! I would say i spend 50% of my time feel uncomfortable as a smoker, craving nicotine and its no way to live. plus ive noticed a MASSIVE dent in my bank account (i was back on 20 a day from day 1 of relapse).

SO this time im not stopping for physical reasons. im stopping for spiritual reasons. I want to practice meditation and spirituality more in my daily life and.... well .....craving a fag during your meditation session is not sexy or very Buddhist like lol also i want to add that if i purely focus on this moment and just focus on the room, there is no craving, when i come back to the body i feel the craving. Goes to show this is all PHYSICAL people, drug addiction is all it is.

Anyways, im on day 2 of cold turkey quit. going well actually, keeping busy or sleeping is my method. wanna just get this first week over and done with as easily as possible then im home running.

Happy quitting everyone xxxx

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Wow Nikki with drive like that you should/will be able to get through the first week without too much trouble, sorry you relapsed but hopefully it will give you the strength and wisdom you need going into this new quit. Never quit quitting but it is a daily battle. Good luck.


Hi Nikki, so sorry you have to go through this again, but it sounds like you have come to terms with the fact that the human body just doesn't need or want the nicotine – and its only the mind games of addiction that get in the way and keep us trapped for years, making us so vulnerable.

I think your decision to quit for spiritual reasons is wonderful, as your journey has the potential to be very powerful and rewarding. Your body will adjust over the next few days to no nicotine, and then be more willing to accept your minds relaxed state, well beyond your meditation sessions – allowing you to easily kick this thing in the butt, once and for all:)

Well done on your 2 days, its a great beginning to a better life!!


Hi Nikki Thank you for sharing and the hidden warning that the complacent stage in the fight to overcome this addiction is the dangerous stage.

For us going into the three month smoke free period the pain of that first few days is still very fresh in our memory and I for one never ever want to go through that again.

Strongs on your quit and thank you for not quit quitting..... !


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