OMG! 25,000+ ?

Some of you may remember me from a while back - I quit about 3.5 years ago. Haven't looked at my Quit Meter in a long time. Well, for some reason, I opened it today and discovered that in the time since I quit, I've saved nearly $7,000 by not smoking about 25,047 cigarettes.

That's a couple of stunning numbers I would never have believed possible when I first quit, and for those of you who are just setting out, may seem like impossible milestones. I'm here to assure you they are doable.

Don't ever give up!

6 Replies

  • That's terrific DGee. Glad you stuck with it and hope to follow in your foot prints. Thanks for sharing.

  • very encouraging, thanks for's hoping for no turning back....

  • DGee Thank you for sharing. Just making me so much more determined to live my life smoke free.

  • Perfect post Dgee :D Thank you for sharing, it gives so much hope to all of us - just beginning our journey!!!

  • Remember, you don't have to always feel 100% against nicotine. 51% is good enough. :)

  • Wow wish I were that far into my quit! Well done DGee 😄

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