No Smoking Day
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Steady goes it

For both my wife and me. Sunday is usually a busy day for me and yesterday was no exception. That sort of helps to avoid cravings, but then when you finish a task, you want a reward - and that's when a bit of craving sets in. Because of these twinges, I just kept moving on from one task to another. Which revealed that the patches are not perspiration proof!!!!

There does come a point however when you really need to stop moving it, and sit down. That was a bit difficult but I got over it by switching on the TV to distract myself.

I still do not feel as if I've given up, in terms of sense of smell or oxygen buzz. The only things I really notice is that I'm no longer hassled to make sure I have sufficient cigarettes to see me through to my next shop visit. And also I notice already the saving in money. Really nice to not have to think about how much cash I need to have on me to buy cigs.

I did not sleep at all during the day. I thought I'd try to be active. Seeing as it was nice weather, that worked out quite well.

More nice weather ahead. At this rate the garden'll look pretty good in a few days!!!

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Meer..... Yes, that little reward is what we as humans need. We used to give ourselves a false reward with every cigarette we smoked.

The more real rewards is when we create and do something constructive.....I like the idea of your garden.

Thank you for sharing..


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