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About to start to stop


After 40 years of smoking, with repeated attempts at stopping, the last one being about 3 years ago, I find myself preparing for another attempt.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about how to go about it this time. It would be inaccurate to say that past attempts at stopping failed, as I actually (normally) get to six weeks of being stopped before my body starts to pack up physically and mentally. I've spoken with doctors and even seen a neurologist about it, but none of them have been able to offer an explanation as to what's happening at this six week stage.

In the past, I've been working, and I've had to start smoking again as it was either that or lose my job!!! This time around, however, I'm not working, I'm on medications which *might also* help, and if push comes to shove - I'm in a better position to go through this six week stage of physical collapse!!!

I saw my GP today (to get patches) and warned him of my six week barrier and that I would be beating a path to his door and to please not ignore me if/when this happens.

So, today I have my patches and my last pack of cigarettes. For some reason my GP has started me on 'Step 2' patches. They are supposed to be 16 hour patches, to be put on first thing in the morning. Hmmmmm....... I'm not sure I fancy the idea of waking up tomorrow morning craving that first one of the day. So I think that for today at least I'm going to put it on before going to bed.

Here we go........ I'll post in Day 1 tomorrow...... assuming I make it that far!!!

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Good luck for tomorrow! I think we all perhaps have barriers we reach at certain stages - at least you recognise yours and will know to get help and battle through. I have just reached the 6 month mark - and if you look back at my posts you'll see that I've certainly had my ups and downs. Although I had been vaguely thinking of it for a few months - since my dentist warned me about my poor teeth and gums - it was a sudden decision: smoked my final 2 and that was it. I wouldn't have coped with setting a date, tried that before. Again, good luck. Perhaps post an update tomorrow?

Hi Meer

First of all welcome to the forum, you will find heaps of support and it really is a well worthy place to be, well done in once again your decision to quit again we are not failures Meer unless we stop trying , i went on to 16 hr patches after 8 weeks when I crumbled but unless you light up a smoke the minute you get out of bed it only takes about 15mins to take effect, but it's what makes you feel comfortable. I don't use patches anymore I have turned to ecigs for the moment to help to quit, this is not going to be an overnight process but I know they help, yes it's not totally free but I have smoked for so long and this is my first attempt so I'll give anything a go, good luck and post often, would love to hear your progress regularly

Thanks for the replies. Day 1 has started and is mostly complete. I'll post tomorrow in 'Day 1' about how it's been, but *so far* - it's been too easy..... which worries me!!!

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