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Entering month 3 .....Jubilant !!!!

And here I am on the doorstep of month 3...Yes 8 weeks and 6 days totally smoke free and jubilant to be here.:)

The roller coaster ride up to this stage was actually incredible;

To experience all the stages of quitting was a journey full of surprises which I hope I will never,ever have to do again

Denial,Anger,Bargaining,Depression, Acceptance and at last Complacency:

The last stage is that wonderful time where I realized how lovely life is without smoking and that I don't need a cigarette to be happy or able.

All the happiness in the world is here and has been for the 38 years. I just did not recognize it because I depended on a Cigarette to be happy.

Happiness is easy breathing, fresh air, the smell of the earth, the taste of food and fruits, the love of my family, the support on this wonderful forum.

Surely this battle is won but the "WAR" is far from over and I will have to be on full alert for the rest of my smoke free life......

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Hi there..Gr8 post glad to see your energy and motivation winning over, its a fantastic achievement to feel so empowered...My stuggle has always really started from around the 8th week and i will be interested to hear how you defeat any new gremlins of the mind, as this is the first time i have ever happily gone beyond that 8 week point, (now in week 19), keep us updated, and very well done , i think you have truely seen the light...:)


Thank you so much Melli.....Your good advice and support helped me a lot to reach this mark.

Very well done on your 19 weeks and I wished for a fast forward button at a stage but then thought it to be best to let the healing take it's time !!!

Thanks once again ....


Well done Hercu, great attitude as well. Both Melli and you are correct that the battle continues past the first few weeks and I think we tend to become a little complacent at times which is why it may be easy to let temptation get the better of us but if we could only harness the feelings of the struggle we've already gone through it would allow us to recognize we don't want to ever go back to that part of the fight, ever again.


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