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day 1 - Struggling.


So yesterday, after many failed attempts I decided to stop smoking. Many things have lead me to this decision. My health, my mum who was a heavy smoker having a heart attack and finally my 2 children desperately want their mummy to stop smoking.

So it started off well, I was very positive but today has just been a nightmare and already I feel my positivity draining out of me. I have been short tempered, moody, and just generally horrible to be around.

It makes me so angry that I find this so hard! Surely looking at my 2 beautiful children should be reason enough to make me stop! Then the guilt comes and I feel I'm caught in this horrible circle! So I thought I would post here just to hear other peoples stories and experiences and maybe just to feel a little bit less isolated about why I am finding this so hard.

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HercuValued Contributor

Lolipop... welcome to this wonderful forum.

You will get so many answers and information by scrolling threw the posts.

Please post your feelings regularly and join in the conversations.

Don't blame yourself being moody and horrible but remember there is a war going on in your brain.

We are with you in this quit......Strongs.!!!!!!

Thank you!

lollipop, don't let your mind try & convince you otherwise, you CAN do it, trust me I did.

Get plenty of sleep, go to bed early, if you're asleep you won't crave or think about smoking.

Concentrate on the positives, more money in your pocket e.t.c.

Try not to think about smoking, put it out of your mind.

Like your mum I suffered a heart attack which smoking never helped, when you think you could die it is amazing how much will power to quit we all have, Don't wait for the heart attack to happen, keep at what you're doing & quit !

You CAN do it, believe me you can.

You're not alone Lollipop. It IS hard, but as you can see from this forum there are thousands of people who have succeeded.

My own personal experience, well, at the moment, not very helpful to you. I have quit for three years in the past with hypnosis and 70 days with Champix.

I tried again recently with hypnosis, lasted 10 days then went onto Ecig.

Be kind to yourself always.

Take one day at a time, or even 1 hour at a time. Or 5 minutes!!

Write here....whatever you want to write. No one will judge you. We all know how you are feeling

Loads of luck xx

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

Hi Lollipop. It IS hard. But it's not impossible. Just be prepared to fight for it, it'll be so worth it :)

How's today?


if i can offer just 1 piece of advice it would be this

lollipop it does seem like an impossibility right now but forget about quitting forever just focus on today as for my advice

it DOES get EASIER and life DOES get BETTER but it does take time but i guarantee you it DOES get easier just hang in there its sooooooooooo worth it

Three years, eight months, one week, one day, 4 hours, 9 minutes and 52 seconds.

80830 cigarettes not smoked, saving $46,073.31. Life saved: 40 weeks, 15 hours, 50 minutes.

So Lollipop firstly welcone to the forum even though it may seem quite at the moment it's nirmally very rowdy so be prepared, are you going

CT or taking some nrt, it's really recommended if your having difficulties, this us no easy feat. The more help we can get the better we will be, it's not a failure if you ask for help most people need it, CT is one of the most hardest things to do but if you can that's great but there is no reason nowadays to suffer there are some great things out there to help. Post often and rant and rave if you need to it's all good.

Good luck

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