No Smoking Day
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So, here's a list of things, in no particular order, that I think are great about quitting...

1. More space in my pockets when I go out. Just a phone and the wallet. No cig packs and lighters. Yay!

2. No panic at night in case I am down to my last few cigs for the day. No rushing to the corner shop to buy a new pack *just in case I run out*.

3. No alcohol! I smoke and then I drink. I drink and then I smoke. I stopped smoking and pretty much immediately I stopped drinking too!

4. I sleep better over fewer hours at night. Wake up with a spring in your step.

5. Mouth feels, tastes and smells fresh fresh fresh!

6. Diet is better. Appetite is bigger. I have read about people gaining weight- but in my case, I am back to my clean 5-6 meals a day and 8-10 miles cycling per day and I feel good. Next step- hit the weights at the gym.

7. House smells clean. I used to smoke in the balcony but the smoke does creep in doesn't it. No more smoke = fresher lounge/diner. Result!

8. 10 quid saving per day ain't bad at all is it!

9. More to follow...

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I remember being excited about all of those things findkat! Good job, keep seeing all the positives and your quit will be fabulous :)


Always best to look at the positives, and really there are no negatives to quitting other than new quitters are sometimes not so nice to be around, but in the end and believe me there will an end quitting is the right choice. Good luck to all those trying to kick this horribly addictive habit.


great list it just gets better and better, we all have the same goal, indeed as said above not one negative in smoking. keep going. doing a grand job in great style


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