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Day 5

This is my 5th or 6th quit attempt over past four years. The first one lasted about six months. The second one about a month. And the others a few weeks at a time. I wouldn't say over- confidence but it was a weak moment that made me slip each time- the 'what could one cig do to me' slippery slope.

On this quit, which I am determined to make my final attempt, I am now on Day 5. I don't think I have been stressed or climbing walls yet, but the urges over last two days have been quite strong. I have managed them by eating clean and drinking lots of water. I have followed Videos from Joel Spitzer and the Easy Way by Alan Carr to help me quit each time. What they say has made the most sense to me at an intellectual level and has given me the motivation to quit- I just need to avoid the slippery slope syndrome.

And that is why I am here. To share my weakness with others who may have walked the path before me... Just being able to talk and learn from other's experience(s) serves as a way to cope doesn't it?

Wish me luck folks and good luck to all who are also on this journey.

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Good luck findkat! this is a great place to share ideas and thoughts on your jouirney - you know you can do this, and you know where your danger-zone is - be vigilant and be strong! x


Welcome findcat.....You have joined a very, very supportive family of quitters.

Please share all your ups and downs with us and we will support you to win the nicodemon.....;)


hi, from me, its so wonderful when indeed we reaise our own weaknesses, as it gives us power to over come them. i will cross all fingers and toes this is the quit for you.

bit by bit, keep posting, we can do this


Thank you all for the welcome!

I think the intensity of the craves is high and frequent today but the episodes are short lived. Trying to constantly remind myself that it is just a mind game that the 'nicodemon' is busy playing and the *only* way to defeat it is to starve it. The temptation to throw in the towel (when the urge peaks) is high but as I said, it subsides quickly enough. The solution is not another puff or *just one cigarette*... The mind drifts and thinks of the cigarette romantically but it is so clear that it is singularly the worst thing I ever picked up and it isn't a friend.

The time spent here on this forum isn't good just for the support it offers but also because typing and reading takes time and by the time I wrap a session up, another of my urges/crave sessions is behind me. Win! Haha


Good going.....Good Ideas and positive...You will win this one and kick the Nicodemon's ass........:D


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