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Back again

Well here I am back at day 1, have made so many attempts at this day in the past but normally fail by lunchtime. I had 1 last goodbye fag at 6.30am then put my patch on. I have an electronic cig if I get desperate. My last 20 attempts have been half hearted cutting down to 5 a day is NOT quitting is it.

Thanks god they are revolving doors here and you always get a good welcome back :)

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Cutting down never worked for me as I was always counting the minutes till I could have another 'fix'. Good luck with this new - and final - quit.


Welcome back Yvonne! You got this. Stay strong :)


Never stop trying to quit, we all will some day, may as well make it by choice. Your in control.


Welcome Yvonne

I adore your courage for trying again and again and again........ Good for you, Just never stop trying.

The first good step was rejoining the forum.

Keep us informed......Strongs


Welcome Yvonne :)

Hope day one's going ok for you x



Took me a while to admit 5 a day was only good if it involved fruit and veg! In my experience the 5 always crept back up to full force anyway. Not sure about you but even 5 caused me chest issues etc. I'm only 5 months in but I love being smoke free x all the best x


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