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Quit counter says 14 days

I have not had a roll up for 14 days ( tomorrow).

I've been using the eCig for three day. I have a headache and sore throat. Been reading up on it, this can be normal. Need to drink more water. And I may be taking too much nicotine.

On 'medium', will get a low one.

I need to get some discipline into this I I am going to use it. It feels fine despite the above. I have not had an urge to 'smoke'

Mentally, I feel calm and 'normal'.

What an addict I am!

Hope everyone is well and happy and strong


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I cant see your quit counter?

Good luck with your quit we are here for you :)


Well done Elizabeth - I'm really glad you're sticking with us and allowing yourself a bit of slack :)

Stay positive my friend x


Well Done x


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