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Hi everyone

Hi all.

I am new to this forum so am really hoping that you good people on here are able to help and support me. I can see you give good advice. I am back to day 1 !! I was so proud of myself last week went 3 days old ticketing guess what felt so sick last Friday I smoked again. I am so disappointed with myself. Had the last cigarette thismorning at 10 and nothing since. I cannot talk to my family about giving up cos they think I gave up last year!! Thanks for reading this :-) Kathy. X

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SOrry not ticketing that should read cold turkey lol - can't even get typing right!!! X


Welcome Kahy - nice to meet you :)


Hi Katthy

Welcome and we on the forum will become your family from now on to whom you can tell everything happening to you.

Tell us how you feel because all of us had that feelings !

Once again welcome to the Family.......


Kathy hello :)

Welcome to the forum - I liked ticketing, it made me chuckle!

You can talk to us here as much as you need to (there are plenty of us who have done 'secret smoking' thinking our families thought we weren't!). I hope you're doing ok today - read lots, post whenever you need to and stay positive, you can do this!


Hello and welcome. Good luck you can always talk here. Sometimes it's easier than talking to family anyway because others here quitting at same time as you x


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