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No Smoking Day
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1st day proper

Hi all, Well this is actually now my first day. So far, so good. It was odd not having a smoke when i woke, then when i got in the car, then before I got on the Tube, then on the walk to work....So several triggers this morning. Now in the office, and I would normally go out around now before my 9:30 meeting....Its hard, but not killer hard.....yet!

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Hi Lloyd, it's still ok to get up from your desk.

Drink water, walk around, have a chat with someone.

Don't think too far ahead.

This may not be as bad as you think it might be!


You got this lloyd, one day at a time :)


ok so I am struggling a little now. 10:30 is a big trigger for me as I always go out. I am thinking about it a lot, but taking deep breaths. The thing is, I know that going out for a smoke, wont fulfil me and it hasnt done for a long time. I havent "enjoyed" smoking for some weeks now, so why am I finding it this tough. I dont remember it being this hard last time


ok so I posted that at 10:49, why does it show time posted 09:49?


Don't know about the time thing.

Drink water. Walk round the block. You can do it


The time's been wrong since the clocks went forward!

Deep breaths Lloyd, think positive and be strong. I was a massive fan of changing routines - even little changes like sitting facing a different direction at work seemed to help. Wishing you luck x


Well I am sorry to say that I caved. I am splitting up from my wife of over 15 years, losing my children, arguing constantly. I just couldnt do it. I went until around 4:30 and then had a row with her and I just couldnt take it anymore.....Even being on the champix, I still went and had a blooming cig. Im so dissapointed in myself. I know there is never a good time to quit, but I just couldnt do it. I will stay on the champix and I will go as long as I can each day, but when I am trying to find a place to live, arguing with her all of the time.....its not easy.

I wont go back to smoking 20 a day and will only reach for them if i really cant take anymore....I had 2 yesterday, none this morning on the drive in, when i would normally have had about 4 or 5 already this morning (I get up at 6 and in the car for an hour and a half) so not having any on the journey is a big thing....so upset


I feel for you so much. Don't be disappointed in yourself

Ok, there is never a right time to quit, but I think this is definitely the wrong time for you

Give yourself some space. Forget about smoking or not smoking at the moment.

You will get a point in the future when you can tackle this again.

I hope you can sort everything else out without too much stress

Take care


Hi Lloyd

I feel with you on this one.......

It cant be easy to cope with emotional problems, Champix, and the nicodemon at once :mad:

The Champix stops the crave up to a point but your brain is begging for happy chemicals and with negative emotions and no happiness, the mind give in to that cigarette.

I was one of the lucky ones: Used Champix for 12 days after which I finally stopped totally.

I was smoking 40 per day and from day 1 on Champix cut down to 7 then 5 and day 10 about 2 or 3.

As from day 12 up to now I never smoked again, tomorrow wil be six weeks nope.

I am stil on Champix and will be for the next 4 weeks.

Week one and two was bad, bad, bad.....(I thougt I have lost my Zest for life forever)

Lucky for me I found this forum, had my family's support, started a project and strengthen the "want" to quit.

Did a lot of reading on what is happening to me, triggered by Melli's very interesting and helpful posts......(You must read them all)

Got my Herbal supplement to help boost the Dopamine (Happy chemical) and suddenly week four to now I realized how good life is without smoking.

Everything they said of how it feels when you do not smoke became true......

Stay strong Lloyd..... and do not blame yourself for caving ........ The Nicodemon uses your emotional state to make you weak....

Take it one day at a time........

That"s why I made my Motto...Don't defend .... Attack !!!!! ;)


Ok, there is never a right time to quit, but I think this is definitely the wrong time for you

Take care

Yeah, i agree to be honest.

There is never a right time to quit. But there are certanily bad times to quit. And i think this is one of those bad times.

Just cut down as much as you can, and when things settle in your personal life go for a full quit again :)


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