No Smoking Day
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2 Years - Whoop Whoop

Hi all,

Please to report back in as it has been a while that I'm still going strong and now it's two years later tonight Iv been a non smoker!

Some info for you all that are just stopping, Iv not smoked 13137 fags and Iv saved £5218 at the price tabs were at the time I stopped smoking!

Now it comes the words I thought I would never say! I hate smelling of smoke from enclosed spaces, I don't even like bonfires etc it drives me mad. I can be outside and fine people smoking even now and again I think mmm smells nice but it's like a second thing not minutes, them I'm like no nee chance of that!

I'm lucky but I don't honestly think I'll ever smoke again. Good luck to all and keep going 💐🌻🌼🌹🌺

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2 Years! Congratulations!

Its so great to hear from people who have quit for several years that have no desire to smoke at all. Thanks :)


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