Day 22

Five hours ago I started day twenty-two of my quit. I can't actually believe I've made it this far. I remember making a post on the forum when I was on day three, the time has gone extremely fast.

My quit hasn't given me too much trouble either. I've had the odd dream here and there; fleeting moments of missing cigarettes; slight irritations in the first week; and a decreased concentration in the early days. But the aforementioned were neither too intense nor lasted too long. I hope my days get even easier too :D

I'm looking forward to reaching the one month mark next week. I hope everyone else is coping and doing well.

Take care.

3 Replies

  • Great to hear it's coming easy for you (relatively) since many others certainly struggle. The goal here is to help each other, inspire each other and support one another with a little humour thrown in now and then for levity. So soon it'll be week 4 for you and then 1 month so you'll be able to move into the 1 month - 2 month room where I am. Looking forward to a new roomie, you'll love the air quality in here.

  • Well done William, I wondered where you had got to, your doing so well keep it up

  • good going William. Keep it up. watch out for the crunch points. Are you going cold turkey?

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