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6 months today

Hi all, just thought I'd drop by to say I have now been smoke free for six months and I feel absolutely great!

If anyone is thinking about stopping then I can Definitely recommend it. I would be lying if I said that it has been easy but sticking to NOPE has been the trick, and knowing that only by sticking to NOPE will I be totally free.

Thank you to all who have helped me.... onwards and upwards!

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Great. Good to know that many are now enjoying there smoke free life. Always appreciate the encourgement from long(ish) time quitters. Onwards and upwards for sure.



That's really good news. Congratulations to you. NOPE really does work I agree. It would still be easy for at 4 months to slip in certain situations and then realllllllly regret it. We are free and it feels great why change it. Look forward to hearing about you reaching the penthouse x


Hey Starting life - good to hear you're still going strong :)


Thanks very much. An inspirational post. And great going for you. You should absolutely be proud.


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