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One month looming ..... Wooooooo:-)

Wow I am now almost closer to the month mark .......very determined now although not always easy - had a tough tough weekend at work 15hr day Saturday with a 1hr break and yesterday had a drink with friends who all smoked and really would have loved to have chilled in beer garden with drink and smoke but I was determined not to slip and undo all my good work!!!!

I am feeling really proud to have made it thus far cold turkey :-)

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Well done. Cold turkey is great for those who can do it. Be very proud. Good work not giving in to temptation.


You did good Shazbog, I know quite well how tough that would have been to watch your friends have a ciggy while you crave. Excellent job!


Well done ...especially the drinking with friends...we all know how hard that one is as we have so many good smoking association memories, that we now have to block out and recover with new happy memories of socialising and drinking with friends being a non-smoker...the more you go out with friends and dont smoke, the quicker the subconscious will delete the old feelings and associations but you must make sure you try to keep in a happy frame of mind...the mistake i made previously when i quit a few yrs ago was i spent time in the pub with my friends, wishing and craving in constant battle and this became the imprint on my subconscious mind and i became withdrawn and didnt want to go out for fear of the battle....but this time....i force myself to laugh and be happy to not smoke when im out with friends and it seems to work as im actually starting to enjoy going out now without too much fear and pre-stress.....

feel very proud of yourself and remember to give yourself a fabulous reward when you achieve that month mark... (although dont follow my example on that one...i bought myself a thermomix type thingy and now i cant stop cooking.....and eating!! Lol.:) )


Well done am in my fourth week now start 5 next Tuesday 15 sep also cold turkey have had to do it as hubby has vascular problems in his legs he is also giving up using patches and I am very proud of him he had smoked for 50 years to my 46 onwards and upwards


Kudos to you Pupalup. Giving up must really be doing both of you so much good!!!


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