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Day 5 has arrived. 2 uses of a no nicotine e-cig so far - both while drinking.

Last night I saw every hour. I went to bed at 1 and got up at 6.30. I feel constantly thirsty, even when I'm drinking.

I'm basically feeling sorry for myself. My smokers cough is getting worse not better. I feel groggy.

I know i'll get through it all if I persevere and will eventually feel "normal" again, I just want to moan and everytime I moan to anyone they just tell me I'm doing good. I don't want to be doing good. I want to smoke. Except I don't cause then I'll have failed. I want to but I wont. I don't actually want to not want to. I want to want to smoke but not smoke.

I'm sleep deprived.

I explained quitting smoking to my husband as a bit like dealing with idiots - you really really want to punch then (ie. smoke) but know you shouldn't. Doesn't stop you wanting to, somehow stops you doing it?

Sorry - just needed to get that out there!

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If you need to moan then go ahead and moan. Your body and brain are going through enormous changes right now so it's only natural that we will feel a bit (or a lot) out of sorts. You are doing good so be proud of that fact. Read the 1 year plus page and you will see that you will get back to normal. In terms of the cough, maybe try steaming your head like you would a cold. It may help to loosen some of the gunk in your lungs (I know this is something singers do regularly to help with cleaning out lungs). You can do this - hang in there.

Oh bubbie but you are doing good that's why we say it, and it really is okay to moan that's what this forum is for, every day you go without smoking it's 1 day closer to feeling normal again, it's a long haul there is no doubt about it but I believe it will get better in the long run, hang in there we are all here for you..

Vent if you need to no one minds xx

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