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Somewhat depressing this 24th day

Canwes1000 Days Smoke Free

I quit cold turkey May 21st yet somehow today seemed oddly difficult to resist giving in to temptation. I really want this to work out so I don't feel at risk of giving in quite yet (or ever hopefully) but the mental grip the cig's have on us is crazy. I trust this isn't a lifelong fight. It would be so good just to stop having the thought of a smoke running around in my head. For those of you that have several months under your belt please share your experiences as to the mental part of this journey.

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There are people who will be able to give you better support with what you're going through Canwes than I can, as I have used Champix on my last three quits, which helped enormously in those early days and weeks. This time though I did get occasional strong craves/desires for nicotine/cigarettes, hot sweats, increased heart rate etc from time to time, I think because I know really that this is my final stop, no going back. It makes it feel harder. Repeating the NOPE mantra, deep but calm breathing, drinking water are working for me, and it has gotten easier. I've stopped the champix now and have made the transition to not having it as a crutch for the first time really. . You can do this. Remind yourself of why you're doing it.

hi canwes, i quit 1st January cold turkey, i lasted 4 months but fell off the wagon so to speak, i still remember it i hadn't even thought about smoking in weeks and i was at a christening one Sunday and just thought it would be nice to have one, i smoked for a month then I've quit again. I've managed to avoid smoking when out as well i know its still early days again but I've set myself a goal and working towards that.

I've found thinking of yourself as non-smoker works and the twangs you get for a cigarette is something different i.e hungry or thirsty etc.

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

I find I just have to stay vigilant, and keep celebrating my success, canwes. I quit cold turkey on 27th February this year, and am feeling quite strong in my quit - but there are still days when I sort of want to want to smoke, weirdly. I just remind myself that even when I was smoking, I didn't really want to, so any wanting I feel now is just the addiction rearing its ugly head. I keep telling myself that NOT smoking was all I wanted, and I've got that now, so why spoil it :)

Also remembering the lists I wrote - of why I wanted to quit, the benefits I began to feel so quickly, of all the negatives about smoking etc etc...they're really really helpful (I keep them in my purse for reference!)

You can do this, canwes :) x

I'm on day 16 and I know what you mean, today seems rather hard to resist (which is what brought me to this site), today has been the first time that I've very nearly "just had one", thankfully after about an hour the craving seems to have passed. I think it was only because I thought "well I could just have one" but then I thought "this isn't going to be the last time I really really want one, if I cave now, I'll cave then too, then I'll be back to where I started" after that thought the craving seemed to go, glad now I didn't slip :)

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free in reply to nsd_user663_64108

It's a very wise thought, that, tezmo, I'm going to add that to my list of defense mechanisms, thanks :)

Hy, well doing very well indeed, that mr Nicole will try for a while to get you to smoke, but I can say,it's not a life long situation, you will on day realise you have not thought of smoking for a hour or so, those moments become longer and longer.

Bit by bit, have a walk, or a drink, suck frozen grapes, anything just don't smoke.

Keep posting and reading it can be a great help

Canwes1000 Days Smoke Free

The support on this site is fantastic, encouraging, positive and informative. I truly appreciate all your comments and 'tips'/advice. I have just started day 26 of my quit now (4 minutes ago but who's counting) so, I will see this through to the full 4 weeks, then on to a calendar month, then to 5,6,7 and 8 weeks, then another calendar month and so and so and so on...I like setting goals and seeing them come to be but it will be even better when I don't even remember exactly how many weeks and days it's been. When that happens I'll celebrate a little in my head at least that I am on the road to a smoke free life. I hope you'll all still be here and be able to join me. :)

Hi Canwes, we are all in this for the long haul trust me I think we are going to be for some time to come, it's such a supportive site, thats really good that you are counting so far ahead but just take up day by day, keep posting and keep reading, when you get a crave get on this forum and post, the people here are from different countries so there is a good chance that someone will be online, look forward to your updates x

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