No Smoking Day
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No more Marilyn :(

Show week is over :( No more dressing up for me for a little while.

BUT the audiences loved us and we're thinking about taking ourselves and our little dance show to the Fringe...a distant dream!

Post show glums approaching - BUT get this - this was my first show where I wasn't huddling outside the stage door with a fag at every opportunity, hiding from the punters round the corner by the canal in the inevitable rain with a big man's mack to keep my costume dry...and I hardly noticed :) My quit is strong!


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Aw Incy that's fantastuc that you are feeling good about yourself for not smoking, I'm sure there's going to be many more opportunities to dress up, your going to go far xx


Sounds very strong, Incy. Your foundations are well and truly in place and the walls are coming along nicely. I wonder what kind of building you will be.

Heavens, I really am writing rubbish today!


I'ma be a...fancy shed :) follyfancier.files.wordpres...

PS how do you put photos in here? I can only ever make them come out tiny...


That's very sweet. It goes with your Elfish character more so than Marilyn, although I suppose the latter could be on holiday :0)

I'm not sure that you can add an image to a comment box. I've just tried to add a haunted house in memory of Christopher Lee and celebrating Scooby-Doo as my kind of building and it didn't work. I give up (I'm just getting too competent at giving things up these days!


Ah, ok...I don't think I've managed to add a proper sized photo to a topic/reply box either though, so I'm less competent than you :P


Brilliant Incy, not a dream, make it happen, sticking my neck out here, but I think your a great candidate for the penthouse.

Isn't it wonderful when what you have worked hard for, turns into something wonderful.

Well done you Incy


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