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Tough Morning!

This morning was tough - tough to the point where I was nearly beaten. I drove to tesco early morning. Bought 10 cigarettes. And sat in the car in the car park staring at them. By chance - my girlfriend called me to check on my progress. And I couldn't tell her where I was or what I was about to do. When we finished our phone call I threw the packet in the bin. Unopened - and i decided I needed some help. So I went back into tesco and purchased some lozenges. Things are easier now - but it nearly beat me. And I'm dissapiointed that it did. (Also wasted £5!)


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Please don't be disappointed that was a tough challenge and you beat it – it did not beat you!!!

Huge well done!!! keep strong as week one can be a challenge but totally doable!!!

wasted £5? - I don't think so!! your still quit and that to me should be worth a fiver...:)


Close call there, but well done. I have been there, including on this stop............ two packets of 10 on two different occasions. It was like having to pull every trick and bit of resolve out of the hat to get me to a sane, rational place again.

I hope you managed to keep that going for the rest of the day and through tomorrow morning. Start the Couch to 5k running programme if you haven't done it already.


Thanks guys. Still going strong. Decided not to drink for a while either has I'm sure that'd make it worse. I've also brought some cranberry juice and bananas and trying different things.


Been there too, bought 20 because can't buy 10s here in Spain, sat looking at the pack for a good 10 minutes then came to my senses and gave them away, so please don't think your the only one that's done this, the most important thing is you DIDNT smoke them. It honestly will get easier just hang on in there


Well done Ben we are right behind you, you made the right decision and beat it. The smallest packet here in Australia is 25's, so that was not a costly expense for you to prove to yourself that you are stronger than that, it's a lesson learnt and you passed the exam congratulations


Ben i did that SO many times you wouldn't believe...I think it probably made your quit stronger.

How wonderful to have such an intuitive girlfriend - you're lucky to have support at hand :)

I hope today is better for you x


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