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Day 24

Canwes1000 Days Smoke Free

Feeling good despite being a little hung over this morning. lol Last night was one of our kind of 'date nights' at home so that usually involves a few (several) drinks and simply relaxing and watching a movie or something. Well, it was the first such night since my quit and I must say it nagged at me more than I thought it would. All night it felt as if this element was missing from truly enjoying the evening. I pushed through and this morning I must say I feel great for having remained strong and honestly I know my body appreciates it today also as the smoking and drinking have always made the next day a little rough. Today it's not nearly so rough. These are the tests we'll face, another one down. Yay.

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Nicely done! Hang overs can be rough enough, but when you add a cigarette into the mix - I found them to be even worse.

So good for you - another trigger test passed and ticked off the list:)

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