Time to beat this!

Hello Everyone,

I've been smoking for the last 10 years. I turn 26 next week and I've decided that I don't want cigarettes to rule my life anymore. I want to be free.

I'm embarrassed to say I've never actually managed to last out the first day before on any previous attempts - in fact - as pathetic as it sounds I don't think I've ever beat 12 daytime hours. I'm 2 hours in. And I WILL make this first day and beyond!


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  • Hi Ben and yes you can do it, hour by hour, minute by minute its all goodhttp://forum.nosmokingday.org.uk/core/images/smilies/smile.png No need to be embarrassed here, I for one had many a try that hardly got past breakfast!! The important part of it is we, you - finally decided enough is enough and made that decision to quit. Keep going and stay strong!

  • Been there in the past barely lasting 2 hours, but this time I was determined to quit and I think the key is being determined. Stay strong it can be done and you can do it

  • Thanks both. Long way to go yet! But I'm ready for it.

  • Hey Ben and welcome aboard :) I think most of us have probably been there - some of my quits didn't last an hour...

    It's a wise move posting and reading on here thought - it's helped me no end! You can do this :) xx

  • Welcome Ben. I found my nightly quits were the strongest, about 7 or 8 hours each night. Easy. And then I woke up. If you still find those first few hours/days difficult it might be worth looking at some NRT or champix. I have taken the latter, including this time, and it certainly helped me.

    On some daily resolves with nothing to help I have invariably lasted 6 hours, then the edginess became too much. However, some of that edginess was certainly psychological as I don't have problems with 10 hour flights + the time in the terminal and on landing.

    I hope you can break this one this time.

  • Well said, Walkabout :)

  • Thanks guys :) I've now done 24 hours smoke free :)

  • Great going. Keep with it, visit here (I was sceptical but it works having a commitment to here and the people you 'meet'.

  • Well done Ben. Sometimes it does take multiple attempts, so the important thing is to keep trying. You have now proven you can go at least 24 hours... So, keep going and you'll make it!!

  • Ben, you still with us?

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