At seven o'clock this morning I earned the right to move rooms! (I slept through it coz I'm quite poorly, 1, 2, 3, aw!)

So i've thrown my stuff into a cardboard box and I'm setting up home here for a coupla months - and I just realised, there's only one more move between me and packing up for the penthouse! Wonderful, and also amazing and I never would have believed it at the beginning of the year :)

Also it's Hattie's birthday so today's definitely worth a party. I'm doing cheese and pineapple on sticks and maybe some mini quiches - everyone round to mine!


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  • Oh dear not nice when your ill a lot of tlc, is what the doctor orders.

    Going from strength to strength, doing amazing Incy.

    I.ll bring asparagus in cured ham, balsamic vinegar , and prawns little bit of bubbly.

    I so hope your feeling better soon Incy

  • Thanks Tracey - I'm nearly better now, been rough since breaking up for half term, typical! Think I might actually get dressed and do something today though, feeling lots better :)

  • What's up Incy - pants? Xxxxxx

  • Hattie-boo, I got floooo :( Or probs just a big cold. Bumpy glands and feebleness and sore throat and pounding head for the last...um...five days? But today I'm out of bed so over the worst :)

  • Oh :( Poor you :( That's rotten. Do you want me to bring you a boiled egg? XXX

  • Sorry to hear your not well, big hugs and congratulations on your move, will be joining you next week, so we can party then with walkabout too.

  • Woohoo we will have a ball :) With gin. And crisps. (I'm dead classy me!)

  • Not feebleness! That is very serious! I prescribe plenty of cake. Hopefully you will feel well enough to settle in after your move :) x

  • Yay cake! Cheers Doc ;)

  • Sorry your feeling Icky Wicky, Incy Wincy - But nice move getting to your new room, congratulations !!

  • Hehe, I like your alliteration there, Que, thanks :)

  • All I can say is to wish you well, betterness, and congratulations on moving to your new room. We've found what you left behind.................interesting.

  • Glad your feeling better being sick really sucks , I'll bring cheese and pate and red wine yummmmmmmmm

  • Hi Incy, well done on the new room - the next months will fly by and before you know it you will be in the penthouse. Hope you are feeling better now. Lots of nasty bugs going around at the moment.

  • Wow Incy, I even missed this in my foggy urge filled weekend. Heads on straight again now. Thanks for the support and at least I am still entirely puff free. We are here in our new room. Happy as can be. Congrats to you, here's to us. Onwards etc etc

  • Out of a fog, and into the sun shine!! big congrats Annemarie:-) oh and you going into 4 months ain't bad either!!

  • So so glad you made it through :) Onwards! x

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