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Runny Nose!!!!!!!

I stopped smoking on 23rd March this year. My "smokers cough" cleared completely within a coupld of days and I felt a lot better generally. I am using a Vape but am now on the lowest nicotine level and using it less.

My problem is a runny nose that just won't stop, accompanied at times by violent sneezing! This starting within a couple of days of me stopping. I read that allergies surpressed by smoking can return and treated it as hayfever but it just won't stop. I now have sores in my nose from the constant blowing. I should say that this is watery and not gunky as other ex smokers say.

Has anyone else suffered this and can anyone tell me how long it will last???

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Firstly a huge warm welcome, great to have you with us, and a huge congratulations doing a fantastic job.

I can say for me at least, I did have a runny nose, for what seemed like an age, but it passed,I think it was my body adjusting to me not smoking, withdrawal symptoms can manifest in many ways, so hold tight it will pass.

Keep posting and reading doing great


Congratulations on your quit. I guess we are all different. Like you my hacking stopped almost immediately. I´m now eleven weeks in and I seem only now to be bringing up gunge, and getting sore throats. I´m assuming that this will pass, and guess your runny nose will. I have read that smoking actually protects from some bugs that travel round, because the ingredients are so toxic it kills some of the bugs. However, bronchitis, chest infections, the hacking cough over the last three winters, not good.

I haven´t been much help here. Just take it easy on your nose.


Just remember to relax and let these side effects, of quitting smoking, just pass you by. There is nothing to worry about, avoid taking medications. When you have runny nose just remember that you body is trying to remove the accumulated toxins in the form of mucus


Hi guys and thank you for the encouragement :)

In 30 years this is the best I've ever done, only ever managed a couple of weeks before. I will admit I've had a couple of slips (vodka induced :eek:) but have gone straight back to my e-cig. I'm not craving too badly, the other half has been banished to smoking outside, although I had to decorate in order to enforce that!

It's good to talk to others going through the same thing :D


Hi Lozziie, I gave up on 22nd! I love that you redecorated to get your partner to smoke outside! Welcome to the forum :)


Hi Lozziie

I had that also,it got to the stage where my nose was bleeding everytime I had to blow it which was constant, so I went to see the doctor and she told me to take some anti histermines for 3 days which I did and it stopped, good luck


Hello Lozziie!

I haven't suffered with any side-effects really, so can't help, but I do know that everything passes in the end.

Congratulations on your quit so far and welcome to the forum :)


Just popped in to say hello and congrats on your quit:)


Thank's all and hi to everyone. Currently sitting with a tissue up my nose having just got in from work, if previous is anything to go by sneezing will commence shortly lol. Hey ho still not smoked so all good :cool:


Lozziie, could it be hay fever??


I've tried 3 different types of hayfever meds and none of them have touched it :(


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