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Moving tomorrow


Well it's here the last night in room 4-7 .....tomorrow we move into week 2 ;-) must say it's been a lot easier this time, still had times but not wallowed in them as much I think the fails have helped in a way, they re-inforced my want too stop not my need, wish hope but actuall want and that's keeping me going here hoping it keeps me going forever more.. Thank you everyone for my encouragement and advice it's paying off I'm climbing and I'm smiling who'd have thought xx

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The toughest part is cracked. I am not saying it's easy from here because I've had a lots of triggers pop up along my road so far but nothing quite like week one. You got right back on it so you must be determined and I think wanting to do it and reminding yourself why along the way helps. It's a real achievement how you've handled this week you know. You should treat yourself x

Shelly this is such good news – I guess we'll be seeing each other around on the week 2 floor - as I just moved there myself a few days ago. I do believe we have the right attitude this time and that is what is working for us - we really WANT this quit. Keep climbing and keep smiling!!!

Well done Shelley

Brilliant Shelly, you've done so well to get back on the horse!

It's all your determination paying off, those stats are building nicely, the new room smells so much nicer.

I so hope a treat is in order you deserve it,

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

I'm really really happy for you shelly :)

Keep working at it, you seem so much more positive than you were before and that's just great! Right behind you lovely x

Aww, well done :) I totally agree with you, the fails of the past seem to really help.

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