3 years today

Haven't been here in a very long time. Today's my 3 year anniversary and I thought of this site. The people here played a huge part in my quit. I visited daily for the first year. After that as the want for a cig went away so did the thoughts about how I got there, meaning this site and the people. I hope everyone who used to be here during my quit are all doing well and everybody fighting this addiction presently will keep fighting because I assure you it can be done, the time flys by and I promise you will feel great!

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  • Yay! Thank you for the positive post and your fantastic quit :) x

  • Thanks Caroline I appreciate that. I tried posting a reply to your quit saying congrats to you but for some reason the site wouldn't let me so......congrats on your accomplishment!

  • Happy three year anniversary x thanks for sharing. For now I can only dream of being there but in hard moments it's great to know it's been done x

  • My God! 3 years is magnificent! ! Well done:)

  • WOW WOW WOW, truly amazing, so lovely of you to pop in and share the fantastic news.


  • Happy three years to you :)

    That's brilliant, well done and thanks for posting, it's lush to hear about successes x

  • Wow! Well done and thanks for sharing, it helps to read of other people's success.

  • Wow, three years is amazing. I love it when people come back back and post a quick update as it confirms that it can be done in the long term. Well done, you must have saved a fortune in all that time :D

  • Thanks for posting. Good to hear the successes people have. You must feel so good.

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