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Hi Everyone xxx

Sorry not been about much but have been feeling a bit low and craving my old mate to hold my hand through the difficult times :( Starting to feel a bit better now, and pleased to tell you that on Monday....... I crept very quietly into MY NEW ROOM! Yes indeed into month 3. Wondering if anyone fancies a party, I know it's only Tuesday but, well, we've things to celebrate??!!

Glad to hear how well everyone is doing, and looking forward to hearing from everyone xx

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My word how tine passes doing so very well indeed, I do love a good party, hoping your celebrating big time, with a treat or two.

It's always wonderful with a new room, as it's always a huge improvement than the previous one.

Doing great just keep going



Woohoo! I bought a monster bag of minstrels, some fruity-chewy sweets and a crunchie or two earlier, for no apparent reason. Now I understand - PARTYFOOD!

Hattie, don't feel you have to feel low on your own - we're all here for better or worse etc etc. Hope you're feeling better.

Gin? xx


There's a few of us in here, Hattie. That was sneaky. Did you come through the back door? Great going, and good to hear you're staying strong, especially in those challenging moments.

Let's get the party started!


Man, I'm sooo glad I signed up for this forum – I love to Party!!! I bet you didn't know that my real name is actually Party Que. Yep - I don't use the full version much anymore, because whenever I did, people would just start to line up behind me – it was the weirdest thing??!!

Anyway enough about me:o A huge WELL DONE Hattie - 3 MONTHS, you should be so very proud and definitely celebrating – I'm very happy for you.

Btw anytime you need a friend to hold your hand - I'm only a pond away:)


I'm always ready to party I have lots of nibbles and wine and dance music. Very warm welcome to month 3


Did someone say party?


Hi Hattie

I'm often fashionably late for parties but now I'm here may I say a Massive congratulations to you. Quitting whilst other stuff is going on is tough but you are a really strong person it's clear and doing amazing. Let's celebrate 🎉🎈🍻🎉🎂🎉🎂🎉🍻🎈


Woohoo! It's great when you bring along your little pictures!


Brilliant!! Thank you all so much. I've got vol au vents, Shipham fish paste sandwiches and of course ....... gin! Let's get started xxxxxxxxx


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