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Day 17 is here


I have just joined the forum. I'm now on day 17 of my quit, I have made a list on my phone of load of benefits of not smoking which I have been reading almost everyday and nodding my head in agreement to all the ways I feel better. I have also been excersing 5 times a week and eating really healthily so that's making an impact on feeling healthy and good about myself. I've been reading more and trying to keep busy planning travels and fun activities, ways of spending my time and money on things that make me feel great.

I have probably tried to quit smoking over 20 times since I started smoking 12 years ago. The longest I have managed is 2 months. Every time I go back to smoking I feel awful till it just becomes routine again. This time I am determined not to smoke again. I have been thinking of new ways to keep myself off them as I have tried so many different ways over the years.. which is what has led me here, I thought maybe if I have somewhere to communicate with other people who are going through similar experiences then maybe we can help each other.

The thing I find hardest about staying off the fags is not the initial 2 maybe even 3 weeks, I can usually do this pretty easily.. as long as I'm feeling good and healthy. I know my triggers: alcohol, my friends and stressful situations. I haven't been around any of these over these 17 days however in 4 days I will be going home and seeing friends who I associate with smoking over the course of a week. I'm so worried the same will happen as always does, although they don't encourage me, something happens when I see them smoking which makes me not care about all the effort I have put in and I think 'I'll just have a few, I'm relaxing' and bam I feel like all my efforts have been wasted. This has happened so many times. Does any one have any ideas of how I can get out of this routine other than what I am already doing?

I haven't had any alcohol during my quit time and not planning to over the next month, when that time comes that I have a glass of wine, has anyone come up with a technique to avoid smoking?

Thankfully I have experienced 2 pretty stressful situations so far but have used breathing techniques to calm and reminded myself that smoking will not fix anything and in fact make me more anxious in the long run so I'm proud about that.

Thanks for reading,


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Hello and a very warm welcome from me,WOW WOW WOW, 17 days in my book that's pretty amazing.

For many on the forum have multi failed quits behind us, but the light bulb moment will come.

Your with a great bunch here all experiencing withdrawal situations, but great news stay tight to the forum, usually some one around to help.

Triggers are the difference between a quit and success, your making all the right moves to make this quit stick.

For me at least I learned to be a little selfish in the early days, if it got to much I left early, or went indoors.

Will catch you soon, as I,m unpacking boxes from moving.

Great to have you and look forward to future posts


Living in Spain I either had to hibernate and avoid drink and smokers or find a way to cope. My way of coping was and still is to some extent was to look at my smoking friends and feel sorry for them caught in the trap and be glad I am free now and what's more I won't go home with smelly hair and clothes. It works for me most of the time, if I'm tempted I just go for a walk or visit the ladies and breathe deeply. You know after 17 days nicotine has left your body but it's the phsycological side that you have to deal with which sometimes is harder than the nicotine cravings. Just keep in mind NOPE not one puff ever, and how much you want freedom.


Hello Addie :)

Joining the forum is a great step, I'm sure it'll help a lot (at least, it helped me get to where I am!)

I also think you're doing the right thing with your list - I wrote lots of lists. I think the most useful one after the first couple of weeks was my list of reasons I wanted to quit, which I wrote early on when it seemed absolutely life or death - it stops me getting complacent now!

Wishing you the best of luck and a hearty welcome x


Welcome Addie. 17 days is great going, even if it is easier at the beginning for you. Congratulations on putting your mind to your quit. I'm taking champix so I'm unsure if I can advise really. I'm only now coming off that so going through similar to you, and doing okay...................most of the time. You're using some strong strategies and coming on here does help. Don't forget, as I do, to post when you have the difficult moments. Those difficult moments for me are surprisingly not when I have alcohol though and that happened quite early on, probably helped by the champix. But, I was simply intent on enjoying the drink(s), the company, being there to socialise or watch TV or just relax, and cancelled the possibility of smoking out completely. It has not been an option.

It seems as if your resolve at those achilles heel moments is reduced, which I also know. Sometimes I have just had to grit my teeth - most of last Thursday for example, but I did it - or go to bed early or, as Spanish Eyes mentions, NOPE, repeated as many times as needed, coupled with breathing as you mention you do. Also it's worth remembering when you get through the difficult time and reflect on it, you wonder what all the fuss was about. It seems unreal in retrospect.

The imaginary cigarette also was really beneficial. Breathing and imagining you're having a cigarette, except you'll only be inhaling fresh air. I used that quite a bit in the early days. And, as you say, your list. Keep it close. I had my father's passing that would not have happened as early as it did because of smoking. That has been top of my list of reasons to quit. And that one counts at any age. Plus (!) I love physical activity - walking, tennis, yoga and, running again. I cannot run far and smoke. I'm over 5k in 35 minutes now.

I wish you all the best and strength. We can do this.


Sorry, went on a bit :eek:


How are you doing today? X


Walkabout mentioned an imaginary cig, I'm wondering if a plastic one would be any use to you. I have one that I used in the first week everytime I had a cup of tea but I started getting too used to it in my hand and kept it there so it's now at the back of a drawer for emergencies the first time I drink alcohol, I'm sure I will struggle with that and have been avoiding it.


Wow, thank you so much all of you, I feel overwhelmed with everyone's messages, wasn't expecting this at all. It's great to have people with advise and interest involved in my quitting this time as usually it's just me. I'm on day 20 now and still feeling strong, I go home tomorrow, I like the idea Karri of not asking myself how I will cope to telling myself that I will cope, this time it's for real and I will not smoke, not even one puff, I will think about how great I have been feeling and what a relief if is once you've quit in knowing that you are now doing the best thing for your body!

In terms of physical changes I'm starting to notice my teeth are not as stained, I'm not sure if that is placebo or not. I am getting more spots, has anyone else noticed that happening? And I'm not sure if this is too personal but I have not come on my period, I'm 2 weeks late, I'm certain I'm not pregnant, the only thing that's changed in my life is quitting. Does anyone know anything about this? I read somewhere other ladies had had a similar situation but I don't know why, makes me think more about what these cigarettes have done to my insides if it can cause such changes..

Well done to everyone who is going strong and trying hard to stay quit, it's so nice to read your success stories, I'm so happy I have joined. I think I will follow Spanisheyes and Ananke and avoid alcohol for as long as possible as not sure I'm ready for that challenge. Thanks Walkabout for the idea of fake fag as this will help in the situations I do find myself surrounded by smokers, maybe i'll get a nice lolly pop as will taste and smell much better than a cigarette. And don't be sorry about the long message, was a pleasure to read, thank you :D

Thanks again and speak to you all again soon x



I got spots and was not happy with that but laugh now because they did not last long and my teeth are definitely white and less stained for sure x keep at it you're doing great.


Hello Addie and welcome, best of luck tomorrow and if it gets tough - Take a few deep breaths and remind yourself of your reasons that you made the decision to quit smoking.

and don't be afraid to use that lollipop!!


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