No Smoking Day
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Just entered month 4!

Well, please don't get the idea that I'm counting or anything(!) .... but it's now been 3 months, 1 week, 3 days. That's a quarter of a year. Where's it gone. I'm still eating anything and everything. I don't smell, my garage doesn't smell ... but the person who delivered my shopping did! Can't believe that used to be me. Come on, we have too much pride (don't mean in a vain way) to much self respect, to smell like we've just crawled out of an over-full ashtray.

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Very well put Chickweed, how those stats are building up nicely now.

It appears to me at least, that the longer the quit, the stronger the smell of smoke becomes.

Counting tose days, weeks, months is a great way to realise just how fantastic you are doing.

Brilliant news


Ha ha at the length of quit and smell of fags correlation. :) can smell fags from a shut front door - I have super smell of fags ability. Anyway, Chickweed, well done on month 4, massive achievement :) x


Congratulations on your quarter year +; great going. I am also starting to detect the smell quickly.


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