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Smoker in mind?

Hey everybody! I do hope you r doing really really good!

I would like to say that I am still here on my 50th day of quit and 1263 cigs not smoked and that as many assert it does get easier but trickier too. So someone has to be alert the whole time.

I know I have been a lousy presence here and that I should be more involved but this happens for two reasons. First, I somehow want to completely forget about smoking and my quit. It is true that now I rarely wish for a cigarette, especially if nobody speaks about it. If I am reminded I quit, I instantly want one. Thus, I avoid visiting this forum.

Secong, time is merciless. I often have no energy at all writing anything about anything. Then i Just want to do some stuff I have to and then space out forever.

I want to also add how grateful I feel for every king word of yours, even though I havent been able to return this support to anyone of you.

Anyway, It is really amazing that I got till here without nicotine and I wish I ll never smoke again.

Some days Ago I dreamt I was smoking and afterwards I was so upset in my dream for having smoked that I woke up. That I took as a great sign, although i still do get serious cravings every now and then.

I came to understand that these cravings-thoughts I have about smoking again, come i guess from the lack of the belief I am NOT a f@&@& smoker anymore. Deep in my ming I am still a smoker. Isnt that crazy? Any ideas there?

Thank you all

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hello Antonis :)

Ah, the smoking dream! I was horrified the first time I had one of those!

I actually think it's good to still think of yourself as a 'potential' smoker - to admit the truth that just one cigarette could - and probably would - set you on the road to full time smoking again. So, certainly for now I think it's ok to still feel like your quit is a work in progress, that you're still fighting a hard fight and that you can still be really proud of yourself for getting to where you are. Does any of that make sense?

Myself, I feel pretty secure in my quit, but I wouldn't yet call myself a non-smoker. I know I'm still beating the addiction, even though I haven't had a proper craving for weeks. We'll get there, Antonis! Just keep saying NOPE xx


Hello Antonis, I agree with Incy, that I feel my quit is also a work in progress. The dreams are common, probably your subconscious mind coming to terms with your quit (as Mr Nic would be deeply asleep by now, in fact in a coma). It's all part of the process of the quit for you.

I also think your staying away from anything smoking related is a good thing - this works for you so no need to apologise :)

You are doing a fantastic job and that is what we are all aiming for, well done and thank you for sharing :)


And I have to agree, Antonis, however congratulations on getting to day 55. I had a horror of a day yesterday, but I'll go on about that in another post. It has to be about being vigilant and strong, or grounded rather. I suppose we all have our 'off' days, whether a smoker, quitter, or having never touched a cigarette ever. So as ex-smokers we will have our off days in regard to not smoking as well.


And I for one couldn't be happier for you. I can relate to easy and hard it's strange but you have to stay focused .

Just keep going, great going


Congratulations on 55 days, just remember no matter how far into your quit never let your guard down and not one puff ever N.O.P.E


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