No Smoking Day
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Another day almost done

BBQ went well yesterday thoroughly enjoyed it wasn't even tempted to smoke even though there were a few smokers around. Getting ready now for one of my grandsons to arrive tomorrow from UK. it's his first visit to Spain, so he's very excited and I think he'll be so proud of his no smoking grandmother, he always complains about my smoking. I haven't told him I've quit so he will be surprised. I have 13 grandchildren, 9 are grown up now, and only one of them smokes despite the fact their parents smoked. Obviously they all had more sense than the older generation. Hope everyone is doing OK my thoughts will be with Tracey tomorrow, hope your dads funeral isn't too stressful.

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Aw THANKYOU Spanish it's so hard, moving Thursday, all my sisters arguing about the little money he had, feel so very sad, but your words mean a lot THANKYOU


Great going Spanish. Another day knocked out. Apologies Tracey, I didn't realise it was your father's funeral imminently. My respects to you.


Great news about the BBQ. Question though where am I going wrong because I went to pub for 1 glass wine and though I didn't smoke I found it hard again!!!! Beginning to get on my paps that I can't enjoy my old haunts without feeling craves or whatever they are. Anyway go Spanish you are really good at showing how you can change despite those around you not doing x x x

Tracy I'm not great with words sometimes but I am thinking of you lots x


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