No Smoking Day
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books on stop smoking free on kindle xx

Well as we all know I'm kicking the habit but still struggle at times so decided to go on a read feast, I've searched kindle for books as I can read them anywhere and found some free ones, now I haven't read these but they have good reviews so thought I'd share the list here for anyone else wanting a read xxx

Now as I say I haven't read any yet but anything that reinforces not smoking can't hurt I think

Anyhow hopefully the Links work good luck xxx

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Shelly, brilliant post, in part not least because your starting to think differently to smoking habits. Your pushing in that's a huge well done in my book


Tracey!! What you doing here? Go and unpack some boxes xxxxxxx


Blimey, should have moved yesterday, the sellers now want to move a week on Tuesday, impossible I have to be out by Friday, jeez what can I say.

Packing dad's flat , heart breaking, he was not a good dad, but he was my dad, I,m thankful for that.

Little rest this afternoon, sooooo tired.


Oh bless you x have a rest things sometimes look better after a sleep xxx


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