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Opinions welcome?

Please it my dad funeral Tuesday, how ever when mum passed away one of my sisters did not attend, she went sking. Mum had nothing, that is to say, she brought us up, dad was not great, my sister has only seen her dad 8'times since she was 15, she's now 50. I can't forgive here.

Any ideas are welcome, she's going to dad funeral, I,m struggling to the point I want to smoke really bad.

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Tracey xxxxxx What a sh*t time you are having. I don't know, life is very flipping hard sometimes! It sounds pretty unforgiveable to me, but you just can't take this on right now, you can only control what YOU do, so try to just concentrate on you until after Tues. You just have to keep it together until then for your dad. Agree with Karri it's a precious day.

Stay strong xxxxxx


Tracey, I'm so sorry lovely lady.

It's really really hard, but I think you really do need to just focus on remembering your dad and getting through the funeral. What's past is past, and neither smoking nor dwelling on it will change anything. You know all this, lovely. I know it's a nightmare of a time - my dad's funeral was just two months ago. I too have a sister who hasn't been around much. I actually found it quite comforting to spend time with her around the time of the funeral, which surprised me no end. I'm not saying you'll find a silver lining, obviously.But just that trying to set any past issues aside is perhaps for the best...

Keep whispering nope, Tracey, smoking really really wouldn't help.

Love and strength x


Wow, Incy, had no idea your dad died so recently, you have done so well quitting so soon, and being such a supportive soldier to everyone on here....Respect xx


Tracey you are going through so much right now, but you must stay strong a little longer. Families can be very difficult at times and sometimes we don't understand the actions of another family member, but the others are right, just celebrate your dads life and don't dwell on your sisters actions. You know so well that smoking will not change the situation and would make you feel so bad afterwards. Love and hugs


Thanks one and all, it just frustrates me, for me unforgivable no to attend your mothers funeral, because your going sking.

Enough said, but my word have got some strong urges regarding smoking, jeez after this time!!!


Sending hugs Hun and I agree try to concentrate on saying goodbye to your Dad and not on your sister, my mum died a few years back but due to many circumstances there is a lot of tension in our family and it was the first time my siblings and I had been together in almost 10 years, I just leaned on hubby and my 1 sister I am close to, the funeral was all little groups, one brother tried to talk but I just said sorry this isn't the time can we talk later and walked away then escaped before later arrived, sometimes in life talking doesn't help, I know there is too much anger and hurt between us all we would do is rip each other apart emotionally so it's easier to just be apart and not go there. Hope all works out ok and hope that evil nicotine monster leaves you alone he really doesn't have any morals xxxXx


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