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Day14 - Think less of cigarettes



I can't believe it's been 2 weeks I didn't smoke. I am feeling better and less dependent everyday ! My app is telling me that I didn't smoke 290 cigarettes!!!

Those who just stopped have to know that the first 10 days are the most difficult. It becomes easier everyday. Now whenever I feel the need to smoke, I drink a coffee or tea, it is helpful.

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Very well done on reaching 2 weeks. It does indeed get easier but never be complacent those craves can come from nowhere.

That's right, I had 2 craves (that moment when you know how bad it is but the only thing you want to do is smoking and nothing else)! 20 min and it's gone. I really hope I will remain strong enough to deal with them !

2 craves in the last 3 days.

Hello and a lovely warm welcome from me, Wow two weeks done, isn't that wonderful, a big congrats from me, you seem strong in your quit, any issue please post, some one usually around to help.

Doing fantastic , and hopeing tomorrow is as good as can be.

Look forward to your updates

Great on your 2 weeks. Congratulations. Have you quit before?

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