Almost in the Penthouse

Hi all. I haven't posted in almost a month (so busy), still on track for entering the penthouse very soon. 1st June is a whole calender year for me. Absolutely amazed I got this far, I really never expected my quit to last. Feel better, healthier and I have managed to get the weight gain under control now so all good. My new habit appears to be shopping - which my hubby isn't all that impressed with lol (Another catalogue delivery?!?!).

Nice to have a quick read through through recent posts and see that some names I remember are still here :D

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  • A huge congratulations from me, fantastic, on the home straight.

    Will have a bottle of bubbly, and cake waiting at the penthouse .

    Thanks for posting

  • Fantastic can't wait to be where you are

  • Hi Nicky

    I've loved your story from the off because I was 40 in November. I always said I won't smoke after 40 but the day came and went and I did. This forum has been amazing for me and since 26th feb not had one puff. Very recently can even say I feel secure in this quit. Hope I can join you next year. Well done on having a goal and making it happen x

  • Congratulations Nicky. An inspiration for us coming through. You've absolutely done this.

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