No Smoking Day
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Nearly at 1 week :)

I have made it 6 days without a cigarette but last night I was so tempted.

My partner smokes and I can cope with him smoking around me, in fact the smell is starting to put me off! However as soon as I watch a film or tv show where they are smoking I really want one, oh wow did they look delicious to me last night.... I had to stop and remind myself why I am doing this.

This was the first time my willpower has been tested since I quit smoking and now in the light of day I am so glad I did not bend to the addiction :)

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Well done for resisting the part of you that's telling you it's so nice to smoke. AS the presence of your partner smoking testifies, it's a filthy, stinking habit and not glamorous at all. Almost at the end of your first week. Congratulations :cool:


Hy, a lovely welcome to the forum from me, my word doing fantastic to have reached this milestone, of course it's going to take a little while to adjust to the new you. .... Any addiction is hard to break, but doable, each crave you have is a crave less to deal with later.

Please post, read often, especially if you feel it's all a tad difficult, usually some one around to help.

Great to have you with us, looking forward to your updates


Good to have you here. Take it one day at a time drink lots of water and keep reminding yourself why you quit. You can do it


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