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Hello month 3

It's a lovely sunny day for my move. Just love this new room its another step nearer the mystical penthouse. I have to thank the encouragement and support from fellow quitters I doubt I'd be here without you. It's not always been an easy journey but with your help and my determination I made it. Haven't had a serious crave for a couple of weeks now, I sometimes feel nostalgic when I see others smoking but then I smell them yuk the nostalgia soon disappears plus I love having the extra cash now. I wonder how I could have justified spending obscene amounts of money on those smelly white sticks. I've brought cake and wine for my fellow roommates.

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This is wonderful. I like you are not having serious craves now.... life will be good, well done!


WOW amazing doing fantastic, the extra cash is great isn't it. Into the next room.

So wonderful those craves are becoming less.

Fantastic, well done you


Congratulations on the move Spanisheyes you've done amazing xxx


Hey spanish old friend, congratulations :) Lush to see you here in month 3! I know what you mean about nostalgia - I get occasional bouts too. But I don't think I'd be daft enough to waste all this work now, and i'm sure you won't either :) And I was thinking just this morning about the cash too - it makes me shudder to remember dashing to the shop most lunchtimes, buying a sandwich and having to spend a minimum of a fiver to use my card, and always ALWAYS grabbing 'spare' tobacco to do so. Yeech.

How great is it that we stopped all that?

Ta for bringing cake - I've got nuts, plus some cheese and pineapple on sticks and G&Ts, let's party! x


Great going, and staying with you on this. You are doing so well and the support you give to others, well, yours is a quit to respect. Onwards...............


Congrats Spanish :) the catering sounds smashing in month 3. You have been so determined and deserve this amazing success :)


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