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2 months down


That's my two months reached. Hurrah! I cannot say it's the most comfortable of journeys. But..............here I am. To celebrate I shall relay my financial savings: £600.00. Crazy amount of money. Lung capacity increase: no end. Miles moving in a half hour: 2.9. Weight increase: variable, but higher than my weight should be. Alcohol units consumed: too many. Cakes etc eaten: enough. Support and encouragement from the forum, friends, family and colleagues: inordinate.

I know I'm not the only person joining this room today. So, congratulations to others - you know who you are and thanks from me for staying with this. And hello to my room mates.

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Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

Woohoo! Good for you walkabout :)

I LOVE your stats there!

Welcome to month three - you rock!

Indeed a huge well done, your through the worst. It does become easier.

Hope your proud and happy.

Lovely extra cash, great

Congratulations! Love your stats too :)

Congratulations I'm right here with you.

Massive well done to you walkabout, flipping awesome! Xx