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A whole month!


Today I celebrate a whole month nicotine free. I started using patches on the 20th of February, but on the 25th of March I quit all the aids. It was hard. It was amazing. It was a once in a lifetime experience for me. It made me push my limits further, and find out more about myself. My serious cravings and symptoms lasted for about fifteen days. These fifteen days were a living hell for me. But also these are the days I will remember with nostalgia as they taught me so much.

As I get more relaxed day by day, I find out I do have thoughts about smoking, or how good it might feel to smoke again etc. I know it would be a joke to smoke again. These thought to me are like having a kid begging you to let it play with electric cords or something. I still am afraid of cigarettes and I thank god for that. Its the only time I wish fear comes and stays for good.

What I dont want to forget is the sense of power the quit gave me, and I wish I am going to celebrate months and years to come smoke free...

Thank you again members of this forum for your support is crucial!

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A huge congratulations from me a wonderful post, and moving into month two. Is brilliant.

The sense of quitting, does indeed give us a power that's strong, makes us realise we possibly do so much more.

A sense of achieving, and my word you have achieved the very best, giving your body the best prezzie ever

Well done to you

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

Fantastic Antonis and very well said :) I remember thinking something similar about little children asking to do dangerous things when I was craving - funny!

I think continuing to celebrate our achievement is really important. We need to remember how much we wanted to quit and how much of a struggle it was in order to help us be strong and avoid a relapse.

Keep it up friend x

Congratulations on the month nicotine free. A great achievement x

Congratulations Antonis. You're doing great and I'm sure you'll be arriving in the penthouse. All the best.

Very well done on getting through the first difficult month smoke free and welcome to month 2.

Congratulations, you've done the hard work, just staying quit now :) x

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