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No Smoking Day
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38 days and 7 hours

Another smoke free weekend done. I am so pleased with myself that I have got this far. Some days are a struggle still but there are days when I don't even think about smoking. A smoker offered me a cig on Saturday I very proudly refused saying "no thanks, I don't smoke". I wasn't even tempted to take even a puff in fact I haven't had any thoughts about smoking since. Is this the turning point for me? I hope so. It would be nice to put all thoughts of smoking behind me and get on with my smoke free life.

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Well, isn't it fantastic when indeed those moments occur and you realise you have not thought about smoking, doing fantastic , just keep going

For me over a year now , and yes I have fleeting thoughts about smoking, not craves or urges, just thoughts but easily managed.

Doing great well done you my friend


Well done Spanish eyes x I noticed that you said smoke free weekend, somehow weekends seem a little harder don't they. I'm so impressed that you have been smoke free for so long! I am on day 23 - and even though you are only 15 days ahead of me it seems really distant!?

Anyway great achievement!


Well done spanish eyes, yes it seems like a turning point. ....


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