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Still here :)

Hi all, I have been /am staying in the country for a couple of weeks. Sadly there is no (or very minimal) internet available hence have been unable to post anything. I will be back in the city next week and will be able to be part of this fabulous site on a regular basis.

So lovely to read all the support, comments, happiness at achievements, and people starting out on this journey.

I am doing OK, still have some situations which make me want to smoke - but I know that it won't help! Although that little (sometimes very loud) voice in my head is still trying to justify why just one cigarette would be OK!

I think it is very difficult to change our usual routines and habits, even bad habits have just become part of our lives so to change makes us uncomfortable :(

Oh well, I will keep at it day by day (sometimes minute by minute )

I can't believe I am now on day 44- yay me !!!!!!!

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Well how fantastic 45 days now!!! Doing marvellous, it's never easy but it will get better, your body will thank you, just bit by bit, indeed as your quit progresses there will come a time when you realise you have not thought of smoking, those times become longer and longer.

Just keep going, doing great


Yay, justdoit, SO glad you're still going strong :)

Here's a big WOOHOO for you and your 44 days!


Hi Justdoit and well done on 44 days, that's great going. The little voice will get quieter as time goes by :)


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