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I decided tomorrow if going to be my first day of quitting. I already tried today but gave in; I randomly decided in the afternoon to quit and only went five hours.

I am very good at convincing myself to have a cigarette, not even in the typical way. I actually want the weight gain; am a bit skinny, and want a lot of the side effects from quitting. How I usually convince myself to have a smoke is that I tell myself I'm young; am 24 been smoking for five years, and that I have time to quit but I know I don't and need to do it now. It's just really hard to quit when your brain keeps convincing yourself you don't need to at the time.

I've had like over ten attempts the past couple months and have only gone two full days without. It seems the third day is always the hardest for me.

I have a bunch of questions for those that have gone past their third day. How did you stop yourself from smoking right in the morning, did you notice any physical changes in the third day; I am looking forward to healthier skin. Also how do you overcome you convincing yourself to give up? I find myself very persuasive when trying to justify a cigarette. I'm always able to battle like the first ten episodes of cravings but as soon as something stressful happens or I accomplish something I feel I deserve to have a cigarette anad just push the smoking to the next day.

Tomorrow I'm going to post again, because I feel that maybe doing a daily update online might give me motivation to do it. Has anyone found using this forum helps? Sorry I have so many questions band wrote a jumbled mess but this addiction is actually bothering me, I almost wish there was a rehab centre for smokers because I almost need someone to force me to do it.

Any motivation or anecdotes would be appreciated, I enjoy reading the posts freom people who have gone past a week, just reading it makes me want to be able to post there as well.

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Hi Wooee, great decision to keep trying. I think each attempt teaches us more about ourselves and what we need to do/avoid in this battle.

I also found the mornings difficult. I have lozenges next to the bed so I usually have one as soon as I wake up. For the first month I used half a nicotene patch and lozenges when I felt strong cravings.

Wish I needed to gain weight, but will worry about the extra kg later :)

I am also on this journey and have a long way to go before being a confident no smoker, but my advice is read all the comments on this site, remember why you want to quit and remember that little voice in your head trying to convince you to have a cigarette is trying to trick you ! :)

I look forward to reading your posts :)


So very pleased to have you on board, big hello from me.

Are you planning on using anything to aid you in your quit? ie patch, champix?

For many including my self have failed quits behind us, and let's be honest it's not nice smoking it is indeed a addiction that needs to be broken, although it's not easy to break, it's is doable, and it just gets easier as time passes.

Of course hurdles lay ahead a first with craves, urges ect, but mr nicotine does give in, when he realises you don't need him anymore.

I so look forward to your updates. Just little by little hour at a time, sweets water all help with those initial craves.


Wooeee! welcome aboard :)

I haven't got time to reply properly, but will look in after work and impart my pearls of wisdom! (Ha!)

Good luck, read, post and be strong!


Hi Wooee, welcome and good luck on your quit. I am on 10 1/2 months now, I still remember those difficult first few days when you are still craving. the morning one was easy for me - I stayed in bed longer so I had no time before leaving for work and at weekends I ate breakfast (which I never used to do). You need to try and do something else in that time, surprisingly my hardest one to lose was after dinner in the evening! I also took up cycling as I needed to get a bit fitter and it's difficult to smoke while cycling.

There were no physical changes that early in for me but the better skin, hair, nails and much improved breathing all happened (I smoked for 27 years though so might have taken longer for me!). Just try really hard to keep at it, also get one of those stats apps for phones/tablets as it helps to see how much time and money you save, you will be shocked at how much time is spent smoking and you realise early on that you have more time to do other things.

Looking forward to seeing your next post. :)


How I remember the self same battles. After umpteen attempts I had to stop convincing myself it was ok to smoke. You can go on forever saying now is not the right time, but you know you have to stop so right now is the right time. First three days are definitely a challenge you need to find out what your triggers are and change your routine if you can. Mornings were the worst for me. Coffee and a cig went hand in hand so I stopped drinking coffee for a while. I'm only 38 days quit but it's so much easier now i can enjoy my life now without needing a cig to get me through the day. You can do it. Post on here often, read other posts were all in the same boat on here, fighting a very strong addiction and winning.


Hello, how are you doing? Have you started your quit or gathering information to help you start?


Hi wooee.

I cannot remember how many times I have tried to quit, more than 20.

I have smoked for 20 years, have now quit for over 3 months. It can be done. I strongly recommend you read alan carrs easy way to stop smoking, then red your post again, and post your thoughts. You can do this, and we can help on this forum.

Good news is you are not the first to do this, and you have a lot of people in the same boat as you who can help you through it


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