Day 7

A day of mixed emotions. Feeling very good to be approaching the end of week one and really looking forward to the prospect of joining the next room - getting through the first week will be a big achievement. is Friday and we are meant to be going to the pub tonight with a bunch of friends many of whom will smoke so it is going to be a really hard test. Will need to be strong!

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  • Hold on to how well you've done to get to seven days - and just say NOPE! And if you can get through tonight without rejoining the smokers (I'm sure you can!) you'll feel SO pleased with yourself tomorrow. Maybe go easy on the can lead you to making silly decisions! Have fun!

  • Good advice Incy

  • Well done Fordy ! I feel your pain, I'm on day 19 and going to my first party tonight, bit nervous. If you can do it I can - let me know how you get on tomorrow, we'll compare notes....

  • Will do Hattie. Lets hope that we can both report back good news. I have a feeling my friends might start thinking that I am mad if I keep muttering "NOPE" under my breath

  • A huge well done from me, I do hope a little treat is hand for you. Doing brilliant, the first week can indeed be oh so horrid.

    As above alcohol can indeed be a trigger for so many people in the early stage of quits, if it all gets a bit much just say your not well go home no harm done.

    Doing brillant, I hope your proud and happy

  • Well done the hardest week done with. I have been out with smokers from day one, it was hard at first but it doesn't bother me much now, I feel sorry for my smoking friends still trapped in their addiction. I did stay off alcohol though for the first couple of weeks. I'm not a big drinker anyway but I knew perhaps alcohol and being around smokers might have been too much. Coffee was my weakness at first so I stayed clear and drank water. I can now have my coffee and a couple of glasses of wine without going mad so I know it gets easier. Don't dwell on other smokers and try to do what I did and feel pity for them. Have a good time and stay strong. You can do it

  • Agree with the posts above. All good advice. I've had sticky moments with alcohol on occasion but okay at other times. Withdrew from the situation of too much by either going to bed or leaving the bar. I haven't had a problem being around smokers since I stopped. I've found the smell and taste unpleasant

  • Remember, muttering NOPE is much less mad than inhaling poison for fun :D (or just mutter in your head!)

  • Hey fordy and hattie. Pray tell, would you like to share your notes with us, and did you get looked at weirs fordy foe talking to yourself? !

  • Wow!!

    Very pleased and proud to tell you I went to the party, heroically drank 150 gin and tonics, danced until 3 and did not touch a single fag!!!!

    This morning I was so pleased to just be dealing with one poison in my system, hangover not nearly as bad as usual. Thrilled.

    Come on Fordy spill.....

  • That's wonderful Hattie! (150 g&ts sounds GREAT!)

    You deserve to feel really thrilled , and totally proud of yourself :) Hope you got over the hangover fast!

    Fordy? How was it?

  • Thanks Incy ☺How is your weekend?

    Bit worried about Fordy?


  • My weekend's good, thanks - the dread of returning to work after 2 weeks of easter hols is starting to hit me, but determined to squeeze as much in to my last day of freedom as possible!

    You're doing so well, keep it up Hattie :)

    Maybe Fordy had a REALLY wild night on Friday and is yet to recover...

  • Oh :-( Early bath and bed for you. Hope it isn't too bad, you've had fantastic weather for hols.

    Thanks for the encouragement, we'll keep looking for Fordy x

  • That sounds like a great idea, actually Hattie - I'll see if I can convince The Man to cook me dinner, then I'll chill :)

  • Sorry for the radio silence everyone. Had a great night on Friday (and people over for dinner Saturday) and managed to stay fag free throughout! Very pleased with myself. Going to go and make my first post in week two now!

  • Hattie, brilliant to hear that you also survived your party - pretty impressed with the dancing until 3 am!

  • Fordy! Hello I'm so pleased to hear how well you did, I was really beginning to fear the worst! 😊😊😊😊

  • Sorry to have worried you - wasn't able to get on the forum over the weekend as I had left my password at work. Still feeling smugly pleased with myself though. Have started to cycle to the station in the morning rather than drive - something that I would not have contemplated a couple of weeks ago

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