One of my fave sarnies!!!! What's yours?

Small French stick.

Chicken breast.


Green bell pepper

Cheese cheddar, or whatever you like

BBQ sauce or mayo

Fry chopped chicken, add chopped pepper, and sliced onion, cook till softened, Season, add cheeses on top, put lid on fry pan couple mins till cheese melted.

You will have toasted baguette , spread mayo, or BBQ sauce, or booth either side, lift all the cooked ingredients in one go pop on to baguette, yum yum yum

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  • Oooh that sounds lovely Tracey I shall be giving that one a try :) my fave sandwich is good old tuna mayo and cucumber, pref with a pack of pickled onion monster munch, I'm a classy bird lol xxx

  • Oh lord don't get me started on sarnies! My absolute all time favourite food :)

    Top at the mo is grated cheddar, mixed with grated carrot, chopped red pepper and spring onions all mushed in a bowl with loads of mayonnaise (Hellmans is essential!) and then slathered thickly onto bread of choice - oh MAN how I love bread! - and finished off with a home-made chutney - runner bean's good, or beetroot...or a smidge of mustard...

    OR mozzerella, avocado and tomato with rocket and a few chopped black olives with a dollop of pesto mayo...

    OR just cheese and pickle...

    OR goat's cheese with roast veges, onion marmalade and watercress...

    Tracey, you have unleashed a monster here!

  • I just read that back...can you tell I've been dieting? Bread will be my downfall...I'm dribbling now.

  • The best sandwich filling in the world is Danish salami with coleslaw. X

  • The best sandwich filling in the world is Danish salami with coleslaw. X

    Yes salami is newish to me, but it's wonderful

  • Fried egg between two slices of toasted bread, with a dollop of mayonnaise and ketchup. Add fried bacon on naughty days :) My girlfriend calls it "a heart attack waiting to happen."

  • Ahaha! You should try the irish breakfast roll LOL that is a walking heart attack :)

  • Im a bit boring, still think nothing beats a BLT :) although sometimes I replace the bacon with spanish chorizo :))))

  • Hey mmaya, good to see ya! And there's a lot to be said for a 'boring' sandwich - ultimate comfort :D

  • Incy. When you open your sandwich emporium ......... You will find me asleep, in a tent, by the front door, waiting for it to open 😜

  • Dippy (may I call you dippy?) you will be most welcome! Gawd, I'd actually LOVE to do that!

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